Best Yoga Mats Available in the Philippines

With yoga becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines, and being one of the most affordable fitness workouts you can enjoy (no expensive gym membership required).

A quality yoga mat offers grip and support for a safe and comfortable workout. It serves as a barrier between your body and the floor, providing cushioning and protecting your joints during various poses and movements.

In addition to physical benefits, using a yoga mat promotes cleanliness and hygiene. By creating a personal space, it prevents direct contact with the floor, which may harbor dirt and bacteria. Easy to clean and maintain, yoga mats ensure a fresh and sanitized surface for each session.

Beyond its practical aspects, a yoga mat creates a dedicated space for your practice. Rolling out your mat signifies the start of your yoga journey, separating it from daily life and fostering a sense of commitment.

Here are are top picks for yoga mats in the Philippines.

Miniso 3mm Yoga Mat 

When it comes to yoga practice, a comfortable yoga mat makes all the difference. The Miniso Yoga Mat comes in a variety of colors (pink, grey, dark blue, light blue, and rose red) and has a thickness of 3mm. This entry-level yoga mat offers quality and affordability.

The textured surface of the mat provides grip, allowing you to maintain stability and prevent slipping during your yoga poses. This grip is beneficial for more challenging yoga poses that require balance and precision. The mat also offers support and cushioning for your joints, ensuring a comfortable yoga practice. Whether you’re performing standing poses or engaging in floor exercises, the mat provides the necessary padding to protect your knees, elbows, and wrists from the ground.

The mat is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store. It can be easily rolled up and a velcro carrying strap is included, allowing you to take your yoga practice on the go.

While the Miniso Yoga Mat does have its positives, such as its price and portability, it is not a good choice if you are looking for a yoga mat that will hold up to everyday use. The material it is made of starts to deteriorate or lose its grip with frequent everyday use, and as a result, it will not hold up as long as some of the more expensive yoga mats on the market.

Additionally, the mat is on the smaller side (61 cm x 173 cm), making it unsuitable for those who require a larger, more spacious yoga mat.

Overall, the Miniso Yoga Mat is good choice if you are on a budget or need a yoga mat for travel.

Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Premium Yoga Mat

Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Yoga Mat is a stylish, functional, and durable mat that comes in a variety of colors (Sky Blue, Rose Pink, and Dark Purple). It is designed to enhance your yoga experience and offers a perfect blend of comfort, stability, and versatility.

The mat features a dual-sided design, allowing you to choose between a smooth and supportive surface or a textured grip for enhanced traction. This versatility allows you to adapt the mat to your specific practice needs.

Despite its thin 6mm thickness, the mat offers excellent cushioning and support. The padding provides enough thickness between you and the floor, reducing strain and ensuring a comfortable practice session.

The non-slip surface prevents slipping and sliding, even during intense yoga sessions. The non-slip coating is also durable and will not break down over time, as some other mats do.

Made from high-quality materials, the mat is built to withstand regular use and hold up over time, making it a reliable companion for your yoga journey.

Overall, the Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Premium Yoga Mat is an excellent choice. With its reversible design, superior cushioning, non-slip surface, and durability, this mat offers everything you need to bring your yoga practice to the next level. Flow through your poses with confidence. The exceptional performance and cost make it well worth the initial investment.

EIDERFINCH Extra Thick Yoga Mat Exercise

The EIDERFINCH Yoga Mat is a portable and affordable mat that offers both cushioning and grip during your yoga routine. With a thickness of 8mm, it provides plenty of cushion for your yoga routine, making it ideal for individuals who require extra protection for those practicing high-impact yoga styles. The textured grip provides excellent traction, preventing slipping or sliding during your practice. This allows you to focus on your poses and transitions with confidence, allowing you to enjoy your yoga practice.

Constructed from high-quality materials and with an anti-tear design, the EIDERFINCH Yoga Mat is built to withstand regular use and retain its shape over time. This durability ensures that your mat will continue to provide reliable support and comfort for years to come. Despite its thickness, it is lightweight and portable, making it easy to roll up and transport. It also comes with a strap for travel, making it convenient for both home and studio use. Whether you’re practicing in the comfort of your home or attending a yoga class, this mat can easily accompany you wherever you go.

Overall the EIDERFINCH Extra Thick Yoga Mat is a great value for anyone who wants a durable mat with extra cushioning, and comfort at an affordable price. With its extra thick cushioning, non-slip surface, and durable construction, this mat provides an excellent foundation for a rewarding yoga experience.

Lotus Activewear Premium Reversible 6mm Yoga Mat

The Lotus Activewear Premium Reversible 6mm Yoga Mat boasts a 6mm thickness, a reversible design, and provides comfort and stability during your yoga sessions.

The 6mm thickness of the Lotus Activewear yoga mat truly delivers on its promise of superior cushioning. From gentle stretches to more challenging poses, the mat provides ample support for your joints, making practice much more comfortable.

This mat is set apart with its reversible design, offering two visually appealing patterns. It’s like having two mats in one! The mat is made of premium, eco-friendly materials (PVC and latex free).

Slippery yoga mats can be frustrating and even dangerous. The Lotus mat, however, boasts outstanding non-slip traction. Even when I’m sweating, the mat remains grippy and secure, allowing me to maintain my poses with confidence.

The 6mm thickness that provides excellent cushioning also makes the mat slightly heavier than thinner options. While the weight contributes to its stability, it might be less ideal if you prefer lightweight mats.

Overall, the Lotus Activewear Premium Reversible 6mm Yoga Mat has a lot to offer. Its comfortable thickness, stylish reversible design, and eco-friendly materials make it worth the price. The exceptional grip allows for a safe and enjoyable yoga experience.

Kool Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Kool yoga mat offers excellent grip and stability, with a non-slip surface making for a safe and comfortable practice. During various yoga poses, even in sweaty or hot conditions, the mat stays firmly in place, providing an excellent grip that boosts my confidence and allows me to focus on my practice.

As a conscious consumer, I appreciate the eco-friendly materials used in crafting this mat. It is free from harmful substances like PVC, latex, and other toxic chemicals, making it a safer option for both myself and the environment.

The Kool Yoga Mat is pleasantly lightweight, making it a great choice if you attend classes outside of your home. The mat provides a balanced level of cushioning, offering comfort during various yoga poses without feeling too soft or unstable. It has just the right amount of support to protect your joints during the practice.

Compared to some other yoga mats on the market, the Kool mat is slightly thinner. While it still offers adequate cushioning, if you prefer a thicker mat for additional comfort, you might find this mat to be too thin.

Overall, the Kool Non-Slip Yoga Mat impresses with its exceptional grip, eco-friendly materials, and lightweight design. The mat’s non-slip surface ensures a secure practice, while the eco-conscious materials align with the values of mindful yogis. Its portability and durability make it a practical choice for yogis on the go.

Retailmnl Anti-Tear Yoga Mat

The Retailmnl yoga mat boasts a generous size of 176cm x 59cm and a thickness of 1cm, providing ample space and cushioning for various yoga poses. Additionally, it comes with a free bag, adding convenience for carrying and storage.

The Retailmnl provides ample room for various yoga movements and ensures that you stay entirely on the mat during my practice. The 1cm thickness offers excellent cushioning, making it comfortable for your joints, especially during prolonged sessions.

The mat’s anti-tear feature lives up to its claim, as it has shown impressive resistance to wear and tear over time. Even with regular use, the mat has remained intact, proving to be a durable investment. Also the texture provides a good balance between grip and comfort. It offers enough traction to prevent slipping, even during sweaty sessions.

Despite its size, the mat is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The inclusion of a free bag further enhances portability, allowing me to conveniently transport and store the mat.

While the mat generally provides good grip, I noticed some slippage on very smooth surfaces, like hardwood floors. It performs better on surfaces with slight texture or when used in combination with a yoga towel.

Overall, the Retailmnl offers a commendable yoga experience with its generous size, durable build, and comfortable texture. The mat’s anti-tear feature ensures long-lasting use, while the lightweight design and free bag add convenience for yogis on the move.

Do yoga mats need to be washed?

Yoga mats should be cleaned after each sweaty or hot yoga session by wiping them down with a damp cloth. While mats can be machine washed, do not use detergent. Machine washing should only be done occasionally for a thorough cleaning. Avoid using vinegar, alcohol-based cleaners, or petroleum-based solvents when cleaning your mat.

How long should a yoga mat last?

A good yoga mat should last six months to a year before it is time to replace it. Some fabric mats can last longer. The more you use your yoga mat, the faster it will need to be replaced.

Does quality of yoga mat matter?

Having a quality yoga mat is essential for a yoga practice. It not only assists in maintaining balance and proper posture during poses, but it also ensures the safety of your joints and muscles.